Java TIFF Reader/Writer Library/Component/API

Create, manipulate (read and write), disassemble TIFF files easily.

Java TIFF Reader/Writer Library/Component/API

Asprise offers TIFF writer and reader library as valued add-on to our flagship products – Asprise OCR & JTwain. Tagged Image File Format (abbreviated TIFF) is a file format for mainly storing raster images. With Asprise Java TIFF library, you can easily create, manipulate (read and write), disassemble TIFF files easily.

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Developer's Guide to Asprise TIFF Library
FAQ What kinds of compression does the Java TIFF library support?

Asprise TIFF library supports all popular compression algorithms, namely:
  • TIFF_COMPRESSION_DEFLATE - Zip in TIFF compression (lossless)
  • TIFF_COMPRESSION_GROUP3_1D - CCITT run length encoding
  • TIFF_COMPRESSION_GROUP3_2D - CCITT T.4 compression for bilevel only
  • TIFF_COMPRESSION_GROUP4 - CCITT T.6 compression for bilevel only
  • TIFF_COMPRESSION_NONE - No compression
  • TIFF_COMPRESSION_PACKBITS - byte-oriented 'packbits' compression

Is it possible to get the source code through licensing?

Yes, for more details, visit this page.

Can I set the resolution when creating a TIFF file?

Yes, you may set any resolution. Note that this function does not included in the evaluation version.